Lufthansa Express Shuttle

The Lufthansa Express shuttles operated by our cooperation partners take you conveniently and comfortably to the airport and back home again after your trip.
Overview for the Lufthansa Express Shuttles
Lufthansa Express Shuttle from and to Frankfurt airport:
On the popular route between Heidelberg and Frankfurt Airport you will travel in comfortable 22- or 8-seater vehicles provided by our cooperation partner Busworld International.
Lufthansa Express Shuttle from and to Munich airport:
Between Regensburg and Munich Airport you can use the comfortable 6- or 8-seated vans or minibuses from our cooperation partner airportLiner e.K..
General information
Arrival with the Lufthansa Express shuttles is possible without checking in. For your onward flight from Frankfurt or Munich you can check in online from 23 hours before departure or use the check-in machines after arriving at the airport. Please check in your baggage at the baggage drop-off counters.
Booking & tickets:
For bookings, tickets and further information about the Lufthansa Express Shuttles, please contact the bus company listed under the specified route directly.

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Information as of 02-June-2016